How to write a novel

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Getting started with writing

If you clicked on this page it means that you want to learn how to be a writer.

Listed on this page, are the main topics that you need to know if you want to write books professionally.

By the time you finish, you will be able to complete the story thats been in your head for forever and have a firm understanding of how to get published.


In this guide, you will learn how to be a writer, how to identify story structure, plot your events, create characters, build your world, and get down to writing in your own way.

In short, if you want to understand what it means to be an author as well as understanding stories from outlining from broad perspective down to the small details, then this guide is for you.

Now, let’s get started!

Writing for a Living

What does it take to become an author?

Can you make a good living as a writer?

These are important questions if you are considering a change in career, or want to make money on the side.

In the article above, there are seven main topics listed that will aid you in your decision.

Story Structure

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These are the foundations of a story, the blueprints to build your building. The structure of a story is what makes it identifiable as a story.

Sure, you can tell a story in infinite ways, but without some structure, it will just be a bunch of stuff happening.


The plot is every important event that needs to happen for the story to conclude, and ensures that the story starts somewhere and goes somewhere.

The plot follows characters around and experiences their internal and external journeys as they set out to accomplish their goals.


All good stories are about the journey and change in a character’s life. Throughout history, stories have been used to teach lessons about life and the society we live in.

As an author you want your audience to connect to your characters. If they feel for the characters, they will care.

Your job will be to make your readers care enough about your characters to elicit an emotional response from them. Emotion means investment in your story.


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This aspect of storytelling is crucial to any book. The world your characters live in and how they interact within it play an important role in every scene you can think up.

You can still have a great book with minimal setting, but without creating your world, it will just be a bunch of dialogue.

Writing Style

Everyone has a voice. That voice can take on many different perspectives, volumes, education levels, preferences, and styles.

There is so much that encompasses a writing style, and so much to learn and improve on.

Learning about what makes a great story can be daunting. There is an insane amount of information out there and plenty of experts with contracting opinions.

Don’t be afraid to walk into the fire. Take your time to learn the basics, and as you master them, delve deeper into topics you think will help.

-Get writing and good luck!

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