The Basics of Creating Your Characters

If you are wondering how you can put what you have learned into practice, there is a surefire method you can use.

Write a single page where you make your characters talk. Don’t worry about perfection, just make them talk.

They can talk about anything. They can mention the weather, go over gossip, give boring data reports, or discuss recent conflicts. The point is that you get your characters in a conversation.

Once you have your page of dialogue down, go back and insert unique elements of speech from the topics above.

Did you do it?

How much more real do your characters feel now? I bet you can picture them a whole lot better.

Now, do this exercise for all of your characters when you need to. As soon at their number comes up for a scene, refresh your memory using their character speech page and then begin writing.

Good luck!

Character Building Tip

Create a character page.

  • On this page describe your character
    • Physical description(height, build, looks, etc), personality, quirks, habits, and anything else descriptive
  • Have them talk about something
    • Anything you want, It just has to reveal aspects of the character’s personality and beliefs
  • Make them act out a scenario with another character
    • This gives insight into who the are and what kind of choices they make

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