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Core Elements

Within every scene, the four . Engaging the senses

Place: Where are the characters located. Describe the geography, weather, climate, are they outside or inside, what does it look like, what is around.

Time: Is it morning, noon, evening, or night time. What time of the year is it. These are important factors to remember and describe.

Mood: What is going on in the world around. Is the apocalypse going on, or are your characters at a baby shower. One of these places indicates a mood of panic and the other peace.

Context: What happens before has a major impact of what is currently happening, and what will happen as a result.

World building

When creating anything in your world, it is important to think of its role in not just one of these elements, but multiple, and how they interact. think about it, is it more interesting to learn about a medieval military, or a medieval military in a swamp that practices magic to discover a historical technology?

At the very least, it gives a better picture of how their society -like our own- integrates many different aspects of setting together.







Geography and Weather

Culture and Traditions




Flora and Fauna

Magic systems

Types of Magic: superpowers, aura, wands,

Where does your magic come from? within, higher power, learning, objects

Rules to make it interesting: stakes, cost to use

Hard vs. Soft

Extra Resources

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