Character Speech Styles That Will Make Your Characters Feel Real

15 Emojis and their speech styles

Making fictional characters feel real

How do we take made up characters and make them feel real to others?

Everyone speaks differently. There are a host of factors that should be considered when creating a character, and one of the most important ones is speech style.

  • Education
  • Intelligence
  • Jargon from groups they are a part of
  • Slang
  • Culture
  • Talkative or Shy
  • Long winded or short winded
  • Riddles or straight forward
  • Quirks
  • Time
  • Description of how their voice sounds (pitch, tone, nasally, kind, gruff, raspy)
  • Common Phrases
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Class

Another list of interesting aspects to consider for your character


One of the best ways to create a character’s speech pattern, is by listening to speech patterns of people from real life. Watch movies and analyze characters similar to what you have in mind for your story.

Take those characters and apply your version to them.


This concept refers to the usage of informal or everyday language in literature. Colloquialisms are generally geographic in nature, in that a colloquial expression often belongs to a region or culture.


  • Profanity
  • Using contractions like “Ain’t”
  • Unique phrases: “Its the bee’s knee’s” and “Shut up or nut up”
    • Often associated with geography and time period


This is a term that refers to the specific use of words that are learned and used from being a part of a unique group


  • Sports: rules and techniques Think of a broadcasting describing what a player did in a sport you never knew existed. For me some things I never knew are a turkey in bowling (three strikes in a row) or a scrum in rugby (a type of formation teams get in to fight for the ball)
  • Military: Formations, acronyms (there a so so many), orders, specific clothing, rules…etc

When creating a character’s identity, you might need to explore parts of their background to make them feel more real. To do this, you can add jargon into their speech to make it seem as though they belong to a certain group.

If your character is from a wealthy family they might use jargon related to polo, yachts, or golf.

You wont need to incorporate jargon all the time, but it is a great way to give an impression of who they are and what they might belong to.


One way to differentiate your characters is by making their speech differer based on intellect.

Smart characters

Also wit. characters might


Less is more but start off with a strong impression

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